Internal Strength


Alu Zinc Steel

All Decra® roof products are manufactured from alu-zinc steel which have shown in tests to last 6-9 times longer than ordinary galvanised steel roofing products. This is achieved by protecting the steel core with zinc, which is itself protected by an aluminium barrier. As a pioneer of using alu-zinc steel, Decra® has unrivalled experience in long lasting steel roof tile manufacture.


Natural Stone

Decra® Roofing tiles are coated with natural stone chips, volcanically formed and taken from quarries in New Zealand. These coatings add natural beauty to the roof and a hard layer of protection from the weather. Being of natural stone, the vibrant colour is protected against the extreme UV of the African sun and will never change.



Since 1957 we have continually innovated and developed our technology so that today we lead the way in design, quality, performance and durability. Our natural stone chips are embedded deep in our own patented basecoat and sealed in an acrylic resin to ensure they stay permanently fixed to the tile. The finished tiles are then oven baked to ensure durability.