Environmental Friendly

We are justifiably proud of our reputation as the world’s leading manufacturer of top quality, chip coated, pressed metal roofing tiles, which are produced in one of the cleanest and most pollution free environments in the world. Our steel is manufactured in a unique process by New Zealand Steel from black iron sand, found on the West Coast beaches of the North Island.

Manufacturing Process

The significant part of the energy we use is derived from hydro power. Air and water emissions comply with all of New Zealand’s environmental regulations. Our packing materials consist of cardboard wraps and pallets from sustainable forests and can be recycled for further use. The plastic wraps are derived from petrochemical sources and can be recycled. The installation process uses no techniques which emit heat or fumes and most of the process is manual.

Health And Safety

The safety and well-being of employees is of major consideration to AHI Roofing, and health and safety initiatives are in place throughout our factories.

Paint And Basecoat

The main component of our paint system is acrylic resin, produced in New Zealand. All our coatings are water-based or water dispersed. The ‘chip’ used to coat our textured roofing tiles is crushed natural rock, quarried in New Zealand.

Rainwater Run-Off

The effect of roofing materials on the quality of rainwater run-off is of major importance. Property owners can collect rainwater in large tanks for domestic and agricultural use. We have carried out tests which clearly showed that rainwater run-off from Decra® Roofs was well within WHO (World Health Organisation) guidelines.


The product on the roof emits no fumes or water-based emissions and degrades very slowly over a number of decades. Providing the product is correctly installed to our specifications, we confidently give 50 Years Limited Warranty. The ultimate disposal of steel roofing is by recycling in steel recovery plants and processing into new steel products.