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Genuine Decra Tile


Like all leading brands of innovative and desired products, there are fakes and copies of Decra Roofing Tiles that are offered for sale as the real thing. BEWARE! Because those roofs will NOT perform to our high standards.

All Genuine Decra Roof Tiles have the Decra logo printed on the back of the tile. This means that when your tiles are delivered to your site you can check to see if they are the Genuine Decra roof tiles that you’ve paid for. If they do not have the Decra logo on the back of the tile, REJECT THEM.

Genuine Decra Roofing Tiles are ONLY available from our Official Distributors and you can locate your nearest Genuine Decra Distributor by contacting us here

There are many differences between Genuine Decra, and roof tiles that look similar Decra, but you can protect your investment and find out our latest developments by following us on our Genuine Decra social media platforms. Join us on Facebook and Twitter to receive news updates and to enter our regular competitions. View our latest TV commercials and find out how to install Genuine Decra Roof Tiles on our You Tube channel, and if you are a construction professional you can connect with us through LinkedIn.